- Warriors are great with all kinds of Melee weapons and their main Attributes are Strength and Defence;
- Warriors spend less EP in battles;
- Warriors gain 50% more HP with each new level;
- Warriors improve melee weapons Masteries twice as fast;
- Warriors start with a more powerful melee weapon and with higher amount of Health than other classes.
Become Warrior← Choose other class

- Wizards prefer Magic weapons and their main Attribute is Wizardry;
- Instant access to spells gives Wizards an incredible power both in and outside of battle;
- Wizards improve magic weapons Masteries twice as fast;
- Wizards start with magic weapon and weak melee weapon.
Become Wizard← Choose other class

- Rogues love Ranged weapons and their main Attributes are Agility and Accuracy;
- Rogues are searchers, thus it takes less Concentration for them to perform checks;
- Rogues improve ranged weapons Masteries twice as fast;
- Rogues start with a ranged weapon with full ammunition and a weak melee weapon.
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Shadow Dungeons
Shadow Dungeons
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Welcome to Shadow Dungeons!
Shadow Dungeons is a deep and ever-evolving multiplayer browser game with a focus on exploration, hero development and decision making - it's a unique world of dungeons where exciting adventures bring you
free Steam Games.

The kingdom of sWords needs brave heroes to conquer new uncharted dungeons. Your quest might be full of dangers, but rewards always make it worth it!
Start an adventure! →

- Constantly developed free-to-play game made with love and passion by a single person;
- Multi-leveled dungeons with many paths to follow and great variety of objects, characters and events;
- Captivating atmosphere of old-school dungeon crawlers with its own unique features;
- Several classes and heroes to choose from;
- Hundreds of skills and abilities to gain and develop;
- Lots of dangerous monsters to defeat, each with their own strengths and weaknesses;
- Great variety of items, weapons, equipment and artifacts to find and earn;
- Various missions to complete along the way;
- Pets with unique abilities to accompany you on your journey;
- Constant interaction between players by chatting, trading, using items and abilities;
- Custom dungeons with their own rules and treasures;
- Free Steam games!
When and how can I play?

Once in a while the Archmage of sWords locates a new dungeon and starts creating a portal to it. The process of portal creation takes about a week: this week is called the contribution period - wise heroes can use this time to prepare for the upcoming quest by making contributions (SteamGifts giveaways) to earn Coins which can be spent on artifacts and items which are, no doubt, very helpful in a dangerous adventure. When heroes are ready, they enter the Quest Dungeon and the main event begins.
Sometimes heroes manage to locate new dungeons themselves - usually very peculiar ones: rough force is very often not enough to conquer them, and only the smartest ones can leave them with the treasures! Such dungeons are called Puzzle Dungeons. Portals to them do not close and thus they can be entered anytime, but of course most prefer to explore them before they get depleted.
More about Shadow Dungeons and SteamGifts →
Latest Quest Dungeon

An Unexpected Frost
Start: 22.12.2017 16:00
Finish: 22.12.2017 16:00
Treasures: 67
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Latest Puzzle Dungeon

Author: ercalote
Depletion: 03.07.2017 17:00
Treasures: 11
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01.01.70 03:00 - News: "Recent quests can now be played again!".
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01.01.70 03:00 - Strategy Guide update.
01.01.70 03:00 - News: "Recent gameplay updates"
01.01.70 03:00 - FAQ update.
01.01.70 03:00 - New artifacts in the Market: Soul Keeper and Heart Keeper - all Patrons get these artifacts as a bonus.
01.01.70 03:00 - News: "Registration for "An Unexpected Frost" quest is open!".
01.01.70 03:00 - News: ""The Legend of Titans" quest is on!".
01.01.70 03:00 - I could finally allow to purchase some extra disc space for the server as it often filled up too quickly. Thank you, dear patrons!
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